FloraXchange is an online communication platform that supports growers by spreading specific offers. Growers on FloraXchange keep up their assortment and from there the specific offer will be known to the buyers. The buyer will be kept constantly informed by the catalog.

FloraXchange for exporters

In the horticultural sector it is known to communicate by Florecom. FloraXchange tries to realize the communication with growers en exporters according to these standards. However, some companies aren’t capable to communicate by Florecom. For these companies FloraXchange can be used for the translation (like a universal travel plug).

All exporters can use FloraXchange for free to communicate with the growers, who subscribed to FloraXchange. There are several types of subscriptions, more about this you can find here. On this page you can find information about the functionalities that exporters can use in FloraXchange.

FloraXchange for growers

The commercial network of FloraXchange can be an important part for every grower. The commercial network of FloraXchange connects them to exporters he works with. The exporter is kept constantly informed of the catalog and the supply related issues of the grower. In this way you can use FloraXchange as:

  • Own website/shop
  • Spread offer
  • Link PlantConnect
  • Link client specific offer
  • FloraXchange week lists

More information about these functionalities you can find here.

All growers can use FloraXchange for free to communicatie with exporters who are subscribed on FloraXchange. To use the services of FloraXchange, there is always one participant that had a subscription. A grower has too pay €500,- for a subscription.

Do you want to see which exporters are already using FloraXchange? Check this page.

If you want to know more about FloraXchange you can always sign up for one of our demonstrations on this page.