FloraXchange is a platform which continuely grows to ensure that your offers will be visible to the exporters and their end customers.

As a grower, you can use FloraXchange for free and link to exporters with a subscription like:

  • E. den Dekker
  • Damesplants
  • Floré Groep (Moterra International, Floréac, Coverde, Horticept)
  • Gimall Plants
  • IBH Export
  • Javadoplant
  • Kobitex
  • Noviflora
  • Fleura Metz
  • Waterdrinker

Would you like to be visible to other exporters? Please subscribe to FloraXchange.

A subscription wit a premium account will cost € 500,- a year. (When you have a Royal FloraHolland numer a premium account is for free.) We are very happy with growers who subscribe to FloraXchange. This helps us to innovate and develop the platform further. Would you like to subscribe on FloraXchange, please send an email to info@floraxchange.nl. We will contact you ASAP.

Distribution of the products

There are different ways to disbribute the products to the systems of the exporters. Some exporters have a list which they add manually. Others have an automatical connection between FloraXchange and their own system. 


Anonymous use

Next to the exporters who log in (to see for example prices) there are also users who use FloraXchange anonymous. Those are buyers and final customers who directly (without log in) request your catalogue, offers and pictures. If an exporter uses FloraXchange anonymous, no prices will be shown.


The main target of FloraXchange is to improve the communication between people and systems. Do you know a exporter who would like to link, log in, or to use the weeklist, please let us know. We help the exporters for free by adding to the platform of FloraXchange.



Currently, approximately 600 exporters are using FloraXchange actively and 'follow' growers. This means that they are updated by our system with changes in assortment and offers. We call it the 'Commercial Network.

The exporters which are automatically linked with their own system are on this moment:

  • E. den Dekker
  • Damesplants
  • Floré Groep (Moterra International, Floréac, Coverde, Horticept)
  • Gimall Plants
  • IBH Export
  • Javadoplant
  • Kobitex
  • Lievaart Plantenexport
  • Noviflora
  • Waterdrinker
  • Algro Flowers & Plants
  • Allplants 
  • Arnold Maas  
  • Avaxa Plants BV (StolkerPlants)  
  • Aviaflora  
  • Baltus  
  • Barendsen  
  • Bejarowi / Heemskerk 
  • BIS / Ton van Rutten  
  • B.J. van Duyvenvoorde  
  • Damesplants 
  • Enigma Flowers 
  • EvaGreen  
  • Export Unie Flora 
  • Van der Eijk Potplanten 
  • Coop. Floramotion  
  • Felix & Dykhuis
  • Fertiplant  
  • FEX 
  • Fleurs Direct Production  
  • Florafil 
  • Florahuis  
  • FloraLifeStyle  
  • Flora-Ned BV  
  • Floranordic  
  • Floriant 
  • Flortal.de-Lutz Peerenboom  
  • Flowerforce 
  • De Gooijer International  
  • Gasa Holland  
  • Gebr. Van der Plas 
  • Globo Plantes Export 
  • Green-Planet 
  • Hamiplant 
  • Hans Visser Export 
  • Hilverda De Boer  
  • Holland Indoor Plants  
  • Hollandirect 
  • ImpulsePlants  
  • Interverde  
  • Jack Heeringa bloemenverwerking  
  • Jos Bouman  
  • Juniflor Plants Export 
  • JV Plant  
  • Klerk  
  • Koos van Egmond bloemengroothandel  
  • Lion Fleurex
  • Lievaart Planten Export 
  • Royal Lemkes 
  • Van Loon Export Plant  
  • MarkFlowers 
  • Mister green  
  • H. van der Nagel en Zn. 
  • Netplant 
  • Nudim  
  • Opex  
  • Oskam Plants 
  • OZ Planten 
  • Paauw & van Egmond  
  • Pannebakker Plants  
  • Peter van Wijlen 
  • Pfitzer  
  • Pieter Timmermans (Varia-Vert)  
  • Plant Collect  
  • Plantengroothandel Ferry Verbeek  
  • Plantion Agent  
  • PPExport 
  • Profitplant  
  • Van der Plas Flower & Plants  
  • Qualityplants  
  • Quattro Plant  
  • De Rijcke bvba  
  • Riflor 
  • Roobos Bloemenexport 
  • H.Star Bloemengroothandel Salaba  
  • Schreuders Fleurs 
  • Slaghek Export 
  • Sofie Flowers  Soho Produce  
  • Star van de Gughten  
  • SuperPlant 
  • Team Green Mido
  • W.J. Spaargaren 
  • A. Timmermans en Zn. 
  • Frank C. Timmermans  
  • Termeulen inkoop service  
  • Toboflor
  • Tuning Bloemenexport  
  • C.J. Vianen Flowerexp. 
  • Van Vliet Potplants 
  • Verdel Bloemenexport 
  • Vikoplant/Ovibell  
  • Willeke Blumen GmbH & Co. KG  
  • XL Flor – Member of FleuraMetz  
  • G.J. van Zuijlen  
  • Zidioflora 

Want to know which exporters  use FloraXchange more? Then take a look at this page.